Sunday, 30 September 2007

IMT - Intimacy

For Inspire Me Thursday. The theme was intimacy and I've taken the second meaning as inspiration - a quiet and private atmosphere.

A relaxing bath with bubbles, candles and chocolate.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

IMT - Square

My post for Inspire Me Thursday this week is inspired by the photo-collages of David Hockney. To be honest, I'm not the greatest Hockney fan (in part because I once wrote to him and he didn't reply! :-( but he's a busy guy..). However because he is from Bradford, my home city, there is a huge Hockney gallery - Salts Mill - nearby and I've been there so many times over the years.

One piece I was always drawn to was his "Nude 1984" (on the left). However when you're a young girl growing up - thats a pretty scary naked lady!
So it always fascinated me in one way or another. The photo-montage technique is very interesting to me. I like the way the main image is made up of so many smaller parts. By laying the small photos together, he has distorted some parts of her figure. The big image is so ambigious - I realised it may not even all be the same person. I realised what a fun technique this would be to experiment with.

David Hockney "Chair" & Hockney "Mother 1 Yorkshire Moors"

Some of my experiments: At the top of the post is a self-portrait. It is made up from lots of little squares and I've experimented with different media; coloured pencils, watercolour, sketching pencils and also with how I've laid them out. All the seperate parts of my face are there but I've just mixed them about.

I also decided to try some photo-collages of my own. I made them by cutting out little squares from magazines.

I have placed them to create landscapes. The first is sky, sea and sand.

I also did a cityscape of buildings and sky and a countryscape with flowers and sky.

So Mr Hockney all is forgiven.

Monday, 3 September 2007

IMT - Fun and Games

For IMT this week scribble pictures which are really fun to do. I did them as an activity from the book "Explore Yourself Through Art" by Vicky Barber.

"Close your eyes and scribble on a blank piece of paper for 3 seconds. the time limit is to prevent you from developing a thought process because you should not draw as such, but just make spontaneous marks on the page.

Open your eyes and look at the scribble you have created until you see something recognizable in it. Now define and complete the scribble."

This is great to do and it feels so liberating to be totally spontaneous. Its also really interesting, starting out with a blank page and no idea of what you will eventually create. Great exercise for me as I can perhaps over think things so loved just seeing what flowed with no pre-planning.