Monday, 9 July 2007

Ars Lnnuleoa!

Well my art therapy class exercise seems a good place to start. The process for this quick sketch is interesting. We mixed up the letters in our name - giving me ARSLNNULEOA and interpreted this new name by creating a piece of art we felt matched it.

I split mine into "Ars" - which I felt was very masculine with strong angular shapes and "Lnnuleoa" with softer sounds and lines. In the above image the two conflict with each other so I decided to do two further paintings developing each idea separately, kind of seeing what would happen if each was let loose.

This picture is all about the dominance of the three letters which are reigning supreme over all the others - shown in the mud at the bottom of the page. The inspirations were the novel 1984, military branding, the architectural plans Hitler drew up for post WW2 Germany (which are amazing) and the Soviet Union.

For me the overriding impression is one of strong, definite lines, strict order and total control.

The second painting is about femininity. It is much softer and more gentle. I tried to show the role of women or mother nature as nourishers and carers particularly their role in reproducing and creating new life.

I thought this was a good exercise for our first class and is fun to do.

If you are after a bit of inspiration, why not try it with your own name and see what happens?

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