Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Experimenting with Colour

I've been reading "The Beader's Colour Mixing Directory" by Sandra Wallace. Shes a really really nice lady and has written a great book all about the use of colour schemes in jewellery design. I love making colourful jewellery so thought I'd have a change and limit myself to beads of just one colour.

So I made a turquoise necklace with a large silver foil glass bead as the pendant. The book lists the many different finishes and types of beads available - so even if limiting the design to one colour there are loads of different shades and effects which can be combined to make a bold piece of jewellery that is interesting to look at and pretty to wear.

After I finished this one, I liked it so much I made 4 more in pink, green, purple and gold.

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