Sunday, 22 June 2008

IMT - Bring a Child's Art to Life

This week at IMT, we are inspired by South Korean photographer Yeondoo Jung’s series Wonderland, a collection of amazing photographs in which he brilliantly brings children’s crayon drawings to life.
You can see an example above. Its so funny!
So to the attic I went and dug out loads of my old pictures and drawing books. It was really exciting finding all these mysterious dusty papers wrapped up in old carrier bags. Great to look back on these things and all the stuff I'd forgotten I did.
Now I can't recreate the pictures as photos like Jung (wish I could though) but what I did was to make Plasticine models based on some of the characters I drew.

A strange peacock

Heart lady with basket (I think this one might be about Easter?)

I love this theme - its my favourite ever and I had so much fun with it. I'm going to do a couple more things based on my old drawings and I'll post them in the next few weeks. Meanwhile here are some of the other favourites I re-discovered.

And what about this one ... very Rothko? :-)

Hope you all had as much fun with this theme as me. Can't wait to see what everyone has come up with. L x


guinness said...

these are really great and a good idea . I would like the easter basket lady for my wall please

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! What a good idea, it makes you realise how inventive children can be when their work is seen in another context! Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments! :)

pattie said...

So wonderful that you still have them...most get thrown away as we age!! WONDERFUL then...FABULOUS NOW!

pattie said...

I would like to pass on the Brillante Weblog Award to you...Stop on over to my blog and pick it up...Thank you for always sharing...

squarepegperson said...

Incredible! I never even thought about doing something like this! I'm visiting after seeing your blog url at Pattie Mosca's - I love your work!!!

pattie said...

Here it is August...where are you??? Miss your posts and art!! Hope all is well!
Artfully Yours,