Thursday, 31 July 2008

Painting Music

You know how people ask if you could have written any album then which would it have been? Well for me the answer is the debut album by Kasabian.

I can so appreciate the creative innovation and expertise in this music in the same way I can in a Caravaggio painting. Absolute perfection in composition - multi-layered genius.

Although not from this album, look no further than the song "The Doberman" for a composition both majestic and ingeniously subtle.

Yes okay, I am being slightly OTT but for me this album was huge. I have never really got into music or found anything to get passionate about until now. Also with this album, I realised that I perceive so much of life in a vision of colours. Smells, taste, sounds - seeing music as layers of vivid colours and shapes.

So I set about painting the album and here it is:
Club Foot

Processed Beats

Reason Is Treason
L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Running Battle
Test Transmission
Pinch Roller
Cutt Off

Butcher Blues
Ovary Stripe

P.S. You may think this the ramblings of a synaesthetic freak but that's what blogs are for right? Besides I felt the only way to really come back from a long blog-drought was with a totally impractical and incomprehensible mammoth post.


guinness said...

Ive not seen these pictures before.You should send them to the Kasabian fan club or their record company.

Anonymous said...

Aw. this was a really quality post.