Monday, 26 November 2007

IMT - Gratitude

For Inspire Me Thursday this week I am grateful to my art therapy tutor Carol and am posting a picture we did together. It is an exercise we sometimes do in class which Carol calls a "visual conversation". One person makes a mark on the page then the next person reacts in some way to that mark, by extending it or blocking it for example. In this way a relationship emerges on the paper which will change and develop in tone, pace and content just like a real conversation.

It is liberating and rewarding to make a piece of art with another person. So this week I am grateful to Carol without whose positive influence I would not be here blogging (!) and being creative. I know I tend to go on about my art therapy class here but it is a truly fantastic group and inspired me for the first time since school to get out my sketch book and paints and I never looked back.

Thank you too to Melanie and everyone at IMT, after out brief pause, I am happy we are all back together. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.


H. Buchholz said...

Like variations of the parlour game, 'exquisite corpse', where images, words, etc...collectively assembled and built upon, collaborated...
We used to do this often in college, spread out a giant piece of paper and just go!

Unichorn said...

How great to communicate via the same art-piece, like a collaberate artwork. The picture shows joy: it must have been a very nice experience. I wish I had a 'Caroll'! ;)