Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Apetite For Destruction

Now I'm not about to recommend smashing up your own artwork....
but this was a special case. :-p

I painted this picture of my dad a few years ago and we were having quite a difficult relationship at the time and in fact that is what the painting was about. Now I've hated having this stuck in the house and it gives me a creepy feeling whenever I saw it, especially as my dad and I now get on well. So one day I just had enough and broke it in half.

It was so therapeutic! I really enjoyed doing it. I must admit my dad was quite alarmed when he saw his likeness smashed in half on the floor but he did see the funny side and posed for some erm "comedy photos" with it.
So it was quite funny in the end and its funny too the way things come around.

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