Sunday, 24 August 2008

IMT - Opposites

Well I've been having a miserable time doing a new self-portrait. (Right) Approached it in totally the wrong way - and it became a real pain. I don't really know what went wrong, I think I was trying to make it too perfect - really real rather than expressive and that just never works. Its impossible to paint a portrait that way - that's what photographs are for I suppose.

Anyway as an antidote I took inspiration from the IMT theme and made something totally opposite. As simple as possible - block colours in a pop art Julian Opie- style.


guinness said...

As usual you are too critical of your work which I suppose is normal for most artists as they are never happy with their work. This is a very good self portrait of you and captures your character of your best I think. The "pop art" portrait makes you look older than you are but I realise it is a different style....keep it up

guinness said...

I did not really like this "pop art" portrait at first but now is starting to grow on me a bit :-)