Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Loving London

I was in London last month on a residential art history school. We looked at artistic genres through the ages and the studies were based around trips to the British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Modern.

I had a terrific time. Life changing in fact! The little taster of student life has shown me that I should be at university for real. It would be really good for me and I'm sure I'd love it.
So I'm starting an art foundation diploma in September and will hopefully progress to a fine art degree in 2009. My aim is to move to London for uni, the most amazing and inspiring city for the arts. (After my last two trips I've got 2 pages of art ideas written down).
I've realised I need to start making the break away from here, parents, my home town, the same old things. So I'm super excited and full of creative energy at the moment. Really looking forward to starting college in a few weeks and the start of a 4 year student odyssey!

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