Sunday, 6 January 2008

IMT - New Year Resolutions

~ Let go ~ Create without restraint ~ Be expressive not self-conscious ~ Trust to instinct & creative passion ~ Let them reveal themselves on the page ~

I wrote in my diary at about 3am on new years morning. (I always seem to get creative bursts at about this time!) I wasn't planning to make any new year resolutions, but now that the theme for IMT has made me think about it, I realised I made a big one right there and then in my diary.
I had something on my mind and on the page, I just began to write a poem. I've never written one before, don't know how to and didn't think it was my sort of thing. But at that moment it just seemed the natural way to express what I was thinking. So that experience demonstrates my resolution for 2008. To be creative and expressive without restraint. Without feeling self-conscious about the way I do it - just go with the moment and whatever feels right. Even if its out of my comfort zone - let go.

So here is the poem:

What draws me to you?
Between us is a bond nature made.
No man can understand let alone break.
Together we are strong.
I am not a one, I am a whole.

Its about getting in touch with feminine energy, with being a woman, with mother nature. Women being strong together- the creators and nurturers. After I wrote it , I illustrated it returning to the imagery and symbolism I'd used in an earlier painting about femininity (on the left). The colours, lines, shapes. I developed it into a full painting and here it is..


Patricia J. Mosca said...

This is a very deep affirmation to you from YOU....
Join me:
If we listen closely to stirring our our heart...we become whole!

laurel said...

Lovely paintings and lovely poem. Thank you for sharing. I admire that you work when you are inspired. Too many times I think of things when I need to be sleeping and just hope I'll remember in the morning but usually it has escaped. I think I need to take inspiration from you and at least make some notes when ever the mood strikes. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lovely poem and beautiful paintings!