Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Wolfman & Other Cases

I've been reading about three of Freud's most famous case studies, that of Little Hans, The Ratman and The Wolfman in the book shown above. I know that Freud is kind of outdated and out of fashion compared to today's psychotherapy and counselling methods. Quite possibly his analysis of these three patients is nonsense. Yet I always had a lot of time for psychoanalysis when I was studying psychology. The idea of the unconscious mind fascinates me. The way he suggested it manifests itself in our conscious life or through dreams.

I'm also interested in the subject of dream interpretation because I suffer myself from reoccurring nightmares. I seek insight and understanding into them in the hope that if I discovered what it is about the past that still disturbs my mind I might be able to let it go. Does it work like that? I don't know.

Anyway for both Little Hans and the Wolfman I've drawn the ideas, dreams and memories the patients were troubled by plus the things Freud interpreted from them. Its kind of like seeing someones subconscious mind there on the page. That is what I was going for anyway.

Its Freud so expect lots of disturbing scenes, nakedness and phallic, well, everything..

Little Hans
You can read more about the case of Little Hans Here and that of The Wolfman Here should you be interested .

The Wolfman

Not a pretty sight!
I was planning to do the Ratman too and make it a trio of paintings but the night after I finished the second painting I had the most truly terrifying nightmare myself. Really horrifying. Is it because of the paintings? Either way I'm definitely leaving this subject behind now.

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Gabrielle said...

These images are so well done and fascinating to look at