Monday, 18 February 2008

IMT - Illusion

Can you see the dragonflies?

This is a page from the Creature Camouflage Colouring Book - Hidden Exoskeletons. Its a great book because you can either camouflage the creatures or create colourful markings and have them stand out.

I love colouring in books and I've got loads of them - I don't care if they are for children! I like to do them just watching the TV or listening to music.

I did this one with watercolour, colouring crayons and pen.


Fourborne said...

I like to color in books too.

Krissie said...

wow that is great, and thanks for sharing you secret with us...I like colouring in too!! (lol) thats why we come here I gues. I've never seen such a book, it looks interseting.

Deb G said...

Gorgeous combination of colors. I like coloring books too :)

Corina said...

I see two dragon flies. Are there more?

Coloring is a very relaxing and therapeutic activity. I used to get this type of coloring book for my children when they were younger and I would sit and do my own as they colored a page.

Nice job. Very pretty colors you chose, too!