Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tate Modern

Here is a photo of The Tate Modern. I loved it there. Its the second time I've been - the first was on a school trip so I wanted to go again and explore it in my own time. I was in there so long I was thrown out at closing time!

These are four of my favourites from the day. Linen by Natalya Goncharova, Three Points by Henry Moore, Scylla by Ithell Colquhoun and Night Vision by Fiona Rae.

This is Ishi's Light by Anish Kapoor, a sculpture in fibreglass and resin.

When I was stood in front of this I did a quick sketch of my reflection in it (see below) which was upside down and really weird - like looking at your reflection in a spoon.

When I did a bit of further reading about the sculpture, I discovered that the artist was aiming to create a unique kind of experience for the viewer when standing in the folds of the orb-type shape. He was very keen to play with the light and the way in which it was reflected and distorted by the shapes and texture of the sculpture. So I'm quite pleased with my little picture now because I think the artist Anish Kapoor would have approved of this response.

Reflected In Ishi's Light

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