Sunday, 30 March 2008

Easter Post

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great Easter. Sorry this Easter themed post is a bit late - I've been too busy eating chocolate!
I had a nice Easter and was feeling quite creative. I painted a Crucifixion painting (above). Not really my usual sort of thing but it came out really all on its own so for that reason I like it. I love those moments when a painting just comes together fairly effortlessly and you really feel satisfied that you get across the emotion on the page.
A special arrival for us was out new kitten Harry. As you can see he is beautiful. He is now nine weeks old and is being very playful and naughty. I named him after Prince Harry who I also love but in a quite different way! :-p


Hotter Than... said...

Found your blog a little while ago and really like it.

Love the painting. Simply stunning.

Patricia J. Mosca said...

This painting is magnificent! just have to love when things like that happen...And Harry is a beautiful baby doll!!

guinness said...

I like Harry too but he does not look a bit like prince Harry Im afraid !