Tuesday, 18 December 2007

IMT - Giving

For "Giving" at Inspire Me Thursday this week I am sharing some work from my final art therapy class where the theme was also giving. We all made a picture for each other member of the group. On it we painted two gifts we wanted to give them. One was an actual gift we could physically give and the second was an abstract gift idea. Then we actually gave the paintings to that person to keep.

The picture at the top here is a page in my sketch book where I have glued in the gifts from Michael and Eddie. From Michael the gifts were the path towards the sun and happiness and the gift of a degree and career in the area of art. From Eddie the gifts were the path towards happiness (:-)the same! ) - the yellow brick road and for my family to be together on my birthday - which was the next day.

Here are the gifts I painted.
Gifts For Carol

A good venue and lots of people to come to our next art course (hopefully there will be one!). Secondly a kind of mirror with which to see through our eyes the huge benefit and joy Carol has brought us with this art therapy class.

Gifts For Michael

A train ticket to go and visit family who live further north and in Ireland. Also the gift of connecting with a sense of roots when he plans to go back to where his family came from originally. Secondly a sense of feeling "home" and heritage in the landscape of Ireland.

Gifts For Eddie
A sketch book. Plus the gift of artistic creativity and inspiration. This is because after doing the course Eddie has really found a passion for art and wishes to develop it further as a hobby.

I just want to say happy Christmas to everyone at IMT and anyone else who reads this. Thank you all for your kind comments and inspiration. Best wishes for the holidays and I hope you all enjoy sending and receiving lovely gifts.


m. heart said...

what a great idea these gift paintings are - thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

eslina said...

really great idea and very colorful artwork! Happy Holidays to you and everyone at the art therapy class! :D

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Nice! These seem very heartfelt. I like the simplicity of the paintings.

titration said...

Art therapy I want to learn about that... Love the idea of doing art as gifts for people in the context of art therapy. Way cool and thanks for sharing.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Your beautiful colors make me happy! Thanks for the smiles! Have a very Merry Christmas!