Wednesday, 26 December 2007


I'm trying to start doing more simple, quick sketching. Just sitting down with my sketch book and a pencil with no big plans in mind and sketching objects around me or whatever comes to mind. I've been using the book "Art Escapes" by Dory Kanter as inspiration.

Here are a few examples I've been doing over Christmas. This first page was sketching without lifting the pencil of the page. From starting off drawing a teddy bear I filled the whole page and then added some colour with watercolour, adding more definition with a black ink pen. From nothing I like the way this gathered its own momentum and made a nice random page in my sketchbook.

This is a great exercise in "Art Escapes" when the prospect of just sitting down and starting sketching (anything!?) is a bit daunting. Draw lots of little two inch square boxes and fill them with quick two minute observations of your surroundings. Then you can go on to add colour, or develop some off the boxes into paintings or whatever.

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V said...

Hi Laura, thank you for posting a comment on my blog. I love the work that you do. Lovely! Your necklaces are fantastic! Take care and Happy New Year.