Monday, 10 December 2007


This is a painting I've just finished. The idea came to me because we were asked to bring in something to art therapy class which makes us feel inspired. I thought of the painting "Wheat field With Crows" by van Gogh. My favourite painting ever.

But I didn't want to stop there - there are so many paintings, sculptures and artists that have fascinated me at one time or another. So I've made a collage here of some of the key works of art and artists to inspire me and make me want to learn more about art.
I've cropped little pictures so I can identify them individually here. They actually look better like this I think!

Sarah Lucas "Black & White Bunny"

Lucian Freud "Portrait of Francis Bacon"

Vincent van Gogh "Wheat field With Crows"

Tracey Emin, still from video "Why I Never Became A Dancer"

David Hockney "Nude 1984"

Martin Creed "Lights Going On & Off"

Edouard Manet "A Bar At The Folies-Bergere"

Jenny Holzer from "Inflammatory Essays"

Arnulf Rainer "Wine Crucifix"

Armand Fernandez "Condition Of A Woman"

Rineke Dijkstra "Julie"

Marlene Dumas "The Banality Of Evil"

Here are photographs of the collage as I made it. The first stage was to glue down the pictures and apply a layer of Gesso. I then painted onto the page. Filling in the gaps between the pictures and doing a little bit of painting on the pictures too to tie it all in. The final stage was to add some words, which you might be able to see on the finished picture at the top of the post.

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