Friday, 28 December 2007

Photography Fan Two

Here is a photograph by Monica Ford which I love. I think she is an extremely talented lady and when I came across her work on the Internet at a random hour in the morning a few days ago I was just dumbstruck by the visual impact her images posses. You can read an interview with Monica Here.

At the moment I'm becoming more and more keen to, without wanting to sound pretentious (!), experiment with and explore what it means to be a woman. I'm starting to develop a real sense of inner strength and pride from being a woman and this is something I want to try and develop in my own paintings. The thing I like about Monica is that she creates these characters herself, and uses them, it seems to me, to delve into what is it to be a woman and the many roles we have. Whether we contrive and exploit them ourselves or if we are put in that position by others. Its an interesting area.

Aside from all that stuff I am just struck by the genius way Monica captures the beauty of women. The way she photographs the female body. Truly there is nothing like the female body for artistic perfection. Or is that just me? Maybe! I do tend to go through random phases of becoming obsessed with painting "the female nude" much to the embarrassment of my parents and art teacher who censored my end of year show! Maybe I'll paint a new one now just for you Mr Jones :)

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m. heart said...

"Truly there is nothing like the female body for artistic perfection. Or is that just me?"

no, i totally agree! this is great photography, thanks for sharing! i'm going to google her right now...