Tuesday, 11 December 2007


These pictures are from my art therapy class. The subject was "silence". In the first one I'm trying to show an idea of keeping an inner sense of calm and silence amid all the hustle bustle of those around us. It helps to block the rest of the world out when needs be but things can still get through and you can chose to become aware once again.

This quick sketch was a picture of the exact moment in my class. I am the yellow and white circle in the centre. Its like peripheral vision I suppose with sounds. Each of the interjecting colours and lines were sounds or people around me at the time. People talking, music playing and a digger outside too. I enjoyed doing this one a lot because it was so current. Every time I heard another sound I wanted to add more to the picture.

I think next week is going to be the last session due to small class size. I'm really down about it because this group has really been a terrific life line for me. I've been feeling so creative these last few months. I usually take the class on Tuesday as a jumping off point and build on the themes myself during the week. I've been painting so much recently- more so than I have ever probably done. I've also had confidence to try new things - photography, collage.
I just hope I can keep it up if the class is going to finish. Its so much easier when you are in a group with people and have a tutor to encourage you. It can be so easy to sometimes slip back into old habits and not be bothered to get up and do something. So I'm feeling quite worried today.

I don't want to lose what I've been working at.


tangled stitch said...

whenever you need help in going on without your class give a holler. Your paintings are very lovely and it would be a loss to lose them.

I've been through some changes myself lately and at the moment have no place to show my work but if I give up who can I blame but myself.

Keep marching onward. They are lovely!

curlyillustrator said...

I once made something almost exactly similar to this. So eerie!I called it "peace be still." It really feels like the craziness of life and other outside influences are crazy colors trying to bust into our delicate interior. I'm glad your art therapy class is going well! Great job!