Sunday, 2 December 2007

IMT - Paradox

This is my effort for the theme "Paradox" at inspire Me Thursday this week.

It is my response to the sculpture “Iraq War Memorial” by Daniel Edwards which depicts Prince Harry dead and in his military uniform. The artist is apparently "honouring those willing but unable to serve in Iraq".

Here is the BBC news coverage of the story :
(What do you think of it?)

This sculpture has been troubling me for a while. I think it is good art but I really don't like it. So from this paradox I took inspiration and created my own tribute to Prince Harry and his service in the British Army.

It is based on this official photograph of Harry.

Also thanks to my friend Michael who encouraged me to embrace my love for Harry when he said "You dig the Prince?"

So the answer is yes. Yes I do.


Deb G said...

That's a very interesting sculpture. Not sure what I think of it. I do like your piece :)

steve said...

Ha ha, well i certainly dig your art here. Excellent take on the topic Laura.

Pilar said...

I think the beauty of art is to invoke feelings and therefore, inspire others to interpret their response. My hats off to you for digging deep inside yourself and exploring the feelings were invoked by the war memorial. I think your portrait is smashing of Prince H.

just me - titration said...

There you go.... responding to art with art about a paradoxical reality. :)

katy said...

Very interesting topic you choose, The colors seem to jump out of the computer screen, very nice.

laurel said...

Art serves many purposes and the sculpture is not my cup of tea but I think it's because of the feelings it evokes in me. It is sad and a portrayal of death. I enjoy art more that is about life. But that is one of the awesome things about art. We are all looking for something different and have different perspectives. I really like your painting of Harry because it is more about the person and his vibrancy. Thanks for sharing.